Becoming a member of the Meredith Primary School Council is a great way to play an active role in your child’s education. We are a dynamic and diverse group of people who bring to the table many skills, differing viewpoints and a passion for making our school a better place. We work together, represent the wider school community and continually strive to improve our school where we can. We look forward to welcoming you to School Council.

School Council Play a vital role in the direction of any school. At Meredith Primary School, the School Council has significant influence in fund raising, the facilitation of donations from the tucker tent and ensuring that all school policy is updated, clear and understood across the wider community.

The School Council will have positions vacant at the start of every year, with the election process being very transparent and open for all interested family members to nominate. The 2020 School Council members are:

Community Members

Sheryl Nettleton  (President)

Trish Sullivan  (Vice President)

Megan Devlin (Secretary)

Stuart Kemp (Treasurer)

Stefania Parkinson

Kylie Dinning

Tarryn Connor

Department of Education & Training (Staff) Members

Steven Trotter (Principal – Executive Officer)

Simone Edmiston

Fairlie Pritchard

Kym Ivory