Meredith Primary School uses different methods of communicating with parents about their child’s educational journey.


Each Friday at 9.00am the whole school gathers together to celebrate the week.  Individual students are presented with weekly achievement awards and parents and friends are invited to attend and join in the celebrations.

School Newsletter

A school newsletter is published each week and distributed electronically each Thursday.  It is extremely important for parents to read the newsletter as it is our main source of communication between families and the school.  The newsletter is sent home with the youngest student in the family. The newsletter is also available by downloading the Flexibuzz app on your smartphone. If you would prefer your newsletter emailed, please contact Belinda Gear at the office with your current email address.  The newsletter includes a Principal’s report, student achievements and activities, the school calendar as well as some local community news.


Meredith Primary School uses an app to send out messages, newsletters and notices.  For details on how to download the FlexiBuzz app to your phone, tablet or computer visit the website Meredith’s Facebook Page for more information.

School Council

Becoming a member of the Meredith Primary School Council is a great way to play an active role in your child’s education. We are a dynamic and diverse group of people who bring to the table many skills, differing viewpoints and a passion for making our school a better place. We work together, represent the wider school community and continually strive to improve our school where we can. We look forward to welcoming you to School Council.